Air Services Australia Enterprise Agreement

4.1 Notwithstanding other provisions of this award, Airservices and only one staff member may agree to amend the application of certain conditions of this bonus to meet the actual individual needs of air services and individual personnel. The conditions that may be appropriate for Airservices and the individual worker to change the application of the following conditions: b) Any payment of a certain amount of paid annual leave is subject to a separate agreement in accordance with point 18.8. September 22, 2006 A victory against TCU Consolidation – Airservices CEO announces that the organization has decided to abandon plans to consolidate terminal Control Units in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth to major centres. This follows a very long campaign by Civil Air against the proposal. The transfer of time refers to a transfer referred to in point 8, in which the worker must move to a term transfer location for a period of 1 to 2 years. Periods of more than two years require the agreement of the worker (b) Subject to the provisions of Clause 5 (facilitation provisions), flexible hours can be introduced in a workplace determined by agreement between air services and the majority of workers. Once a majority agreement has been reached, the operation of the flexible schedule can be agreed between Airservices and a single staff member. (b) a worker is entitled to reimbursement of all reasonable and actual costs incurred to meet the air service requirements for the transfer of the worker. If Airservices pays the costs directly, the worker is not entitled to a refund. b) Posted workers may exchange rolling tables or days without service, provided that the arrangements are implemented by mutual agreement between the workers concerned and with the agreement of the chief operating officer concerned. In July 1995, CAA split into two parts: Civil Aviation Safety Authority, which is responsible for regulating industrial safety, and Airservices Australia, which includes, among others, the air traffic service provider. Civil Air no longer covers aviation safety officers or air inspectors who are now part of CASA. July 2000 Airservices advise setting up a 5-year training loan for ATC ab initio training.

To the extent that air services are not required to make the additional contributions in point 15.2 to another superannuation fund chosen by the worker, air services must pay the additional pension contributions provided in point 15.2 and pay the amount authorized in clauses 15.3 (a) or b) to one of the following over-indebtedness funds or successor. b) any agreement between Airservices and the majority of workers must be recorded in writing.

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