Affiliation Agreement Western

When an investment website makes substantial revisions or additions to a partnership agreement model approved by the existing CMO. 7. Is there a clearly defined launch, end or verification date? The agreement should not be indefinite. If an end/verification date is not included in the agreement, amend the agreement, which is in effect for up to 5 years, and at that time it will be verified. NOTE: For CHHS and other specific programs, the propst and dean have granted a flat-rate authorization to accept the a/land placement, and all kinds of increased fees. Therefore, if you submit a CHHS agreement, you do not have to make the written statement. All other programs must contact your Dean or an equivalent contact to make a written statement. When should the Office of General Counsel (OGC) review an accession agreement: Step 1: Read the agreement in its entirety, including all referenced or associated forms or documents. If an agreement has been proposed by an investment site. Step 2: Fill in all spaces and make any necessary spelling and grammar changes.

The OGC prefers to review the agreements in their final form. When can an agreement be submitted that will require a review of the legal form? 9. Does the agreement require the student to be covered by university insurance? The university offers liability insurance to students, but does not offer compensation or personal health insurance. Business Services is reviewing insurance coverage agreements filed as part of this legal review. If your program is approved, we will send them our provincial partnership agreement. We don`t sign a school contract. 6. Does the agreement have a compensation clause? This clause deals with either compensation or “maintenance as it is” or something else. 2. Have you read the entire agreement, including all the exhibits and annexes? You must read the agreement before sending. This ensures that the agreement is for your purposes and/or indicates what the other entity has told you. 5.

Have you checked the other party`s information? The information provided by the other party must contain the full name, address, legal status (i.e. company, partnership, government authority, etc.) and a contact person. Add to the preamble to the agreement the address of the other party or at least the status in which it is located and make sure that a contact`s name is present in the “Communications” section. If we do not currently have an agreement with your school, you can request that your program be considered. Please contact the Student Placement Coordinator ( three to six months prior to your internship date with: 4. Have you checked whether the WMU name indicates on the agreement that “Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University on behalf of [College/Department]”? Only the Board of Directors has signed a contract with external organizations on behalf of the university. Make sure the text is correct in the title, in the preamble (if any) and in the signature block. The contractor should not be a department, a school or an individual. If not, we will send you the agreement to make the changes.

If possible, send all agreements and appendices to Microsoft Word. Before sending the CMO verification agreement, make changes to the documents using runway modifications. If a website will not provide Microsoft Word versions of the agreement, convert what they provided into a Word document.

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