Nationwide Agreement In Principle Apply

If you don`t want advice or help with your application, you need to be sure that you are willing to accept responsibility for choosing a mortgage that is right for your situation. If you can apply without advice, you can apply online. Asking for advice means that one of our mortgage advisors will help you in the application process and give you advice on which mortgage best suits your needs. You can apply by phone or at a branch nationwide. If you`re applying at the store or by phone, one of our mortgage advisors can tell you everything you need to know. We also help you understand the information and documents you need to provide when you apply. Before you apply for a mortgage, you need a policy decision (DIP). This is also called agreement in principle (AIP) or loan certificate. It confirms that we are willing to lend you money.

Once you have your DIP, you can use it to apply for a mortgage immediately. We do not charge a fee for the standard real estate valuation, but you can choose to complete a HomeBuyers report or a full structural survey. These will be more in-depth investigations that will result in additional costs. Regional differences apply to surveys and evaluations. For more information, visit the “Departure Fee” page. Once your ID application is complete, we should be able to inform you immediately if we can lend you the necessary amount. If you apply online, we may need to call you for additional information. If you are comfortable choosing a mortgage without our advice, you can apply online at your own pace. You need to understand that you are responsible for the mortgage you choose. You do not receive any advice from us, so you will not be protected if you decide later that the mortgage you chose was not appropriate. You can apply for a mortgage with or without advice.

We`ve made your DIP part of the application process, so it`s only an application from the beginning of your purchase trip to the end. Find out how much you can borrow, stop your app and if you`re ready to apply for a full mortgage, restart where you left off. If you are happy to opt for your own offer, you can apply online. Just so you know that if you decide to apply online without advice, you must make your own choice that matches the mortgage that matches your needs, and you will not benefit from the protection of having an appropriate product that is recommended to you. The Financial Conduct Authority has rules on how to make sure we recommend an appropriate product for you, choosing your own deal means you don`t benefit from these rules and you can choose a product that is less suited to your needs. If you are applying for a mortgage to purchase a new construction property and your use has been influenced by coronavirus, you can apply for an extension.

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