Toyota Finance Enterprise Agreement

In these policies and agreements on the financial services website (the “online guidelines and agreements”) are “you” and “your” every customer and all customers on an account as defined below and/or each user of the site, if any; “we,” “we” and “our” refers to Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (“TMCC”) and its representatives and service providers, if any; “website,” websites, mobile sites and mobile financial services applications operated by TMCC; and “financial services,” TMCC, TMCC brand names and licenses used to launch financial services products, Toyota Motor Insurance Services, Inc., Toyota Lease Trust or Toyota Credit of Puerto Rico Corp. and/or their respective subsidiaries and takers, depending on the identity of your creditor, lessor or product supplier. 9. Your privacy options. If you are a TMCC financial or leasing customer, you may have certain data protection options in accordance with existing federal and national data protection laws. If you would like to learn more about your privacy options, contact a customer data privacy policy sent to you or visit the “My Privacy” tab under my profile on the site, or call us at 1-888-717-9248. If you live in California, you may have additional rights under California law. Read section 16. 3. Delete paper invoices. When you register your account on our site, we will automatically delete paper invoices to your account, unless you decide to get paper invoices. In addition, we can automatically delete your paper invoices after notification, unless you receive paper invoices after receiving our notice and within the time indicated in the notice.

In the absence of such a choice by you, you agree that your acceptance of these online policies and agreements represents your consent to the removal of paper invoices and your consent to verify your accounts and disclosures, communications and other related documents on our website. If your account`s paper invoices are deleted, photos of your invoices will be available on our website as part of your online account services, you will no longer receive your invoices in the mail, and you will check every online billing and any disclosure, communication and other material that is attached to your online invoices as soon as you are delivered to our website as part of your online account services. Even if your paper invoices are deleted from time to time, we can send you a paper invoice account if required by law, if you delete your account from your online account services, or if we will send you a paper statement at our sole discretion. If paper invoices are deleted from your account, you can reactivate paper invoices at any time. Deleting or reactivating paper invoices can take up to two (2) billing cycles.

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