Ua Local 740 Collective Agreement

19 may not exceed seven (7) days of unpaid work (without entry and entry for one day, eight (8) hours per trip), unless authorized by the employer. Transportation costs for the round trip at the employer`s expense. This is the case with all the work in Labrador. ARTICLE 21 – VACATION PAY – HOLIDAY PAY For all jobs, each worker receives a leave and leave allowance at his gross salary of 10%. Holiday and holiday allowance to be paid each week. ARTICLE 22 – Payday employees are paid weekly during working hours, no later than Friday. Under no circumstances can more than five (5) days be held for a period of pay. ARTICLE 23 – WAGES The hourly rate applicable to companies covered by this agreement, which takes effect at the signing of this agreement by the signatory parties, is set by Local Union 740 on the basis of the following hourly compensation package: COMMERCIAL (Total Hourly Wage Package) Signing date, May 1, 2012 May 1, 2013 May 1, 2014 May 1, 2015 $40.21 $42.21 $44.21 $45.71 $47.21 INDUSTRIE (total hourly package) Signing date May 1. , 2012 May 1, 2013 May 1, 1, 2014 May 1, 2015 $46.18 $48.1 $8 $50.18 $52.18 The hourly rate of wage for apprentices is as follows: For work Existing: For a new job Imperative: second year 60% of the company rate Third year 70 65% of the company rate 3rd year 75% of the company rate 4th year 85% of the company rate for existing work , Foreman`s hourly rate is ten percent (10%) beyond the Journeyman rate, and for General Foreman fifteen percent (15%) CLRA and UA Local 740 Collective Agreement page 19 20 and above the Journeyman rate. In the case of a new job offer, Foreman`s hourly rate is fifteen (15%) beyond the Journeyman rate, and for General Foreman twenty (20%) In addition to the Construction Industry Travel Judges Fund, the employer paid 60 cents (0.60) per hour of man earned to the Newfoundland Construction Industry Industry Fund. This money is paid no later than the 15th day of the month following the working hours. The money is transferred to a designated party administrator, thirty cents (0.30) to the Newfoundland- Labrador Building and Construction Trades Council (NLBCTC) and thirty cents (0.30 cents) to the Construction Labour Relations Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. (CLRA).

ARTICLE 24 – SUB-CONTRACTORS The employer undertakes not to sublet or sublet work under the United Association`s commercial jurisdiction, unless the subleased contractor is included in the contract with local Union 740, the United Association or one of its local unions.

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